Shannon Cooper's Academy of Dance
Studio Policies
*​All parents and students must enter the building using our rear parking entrance. Our front lot is for staff and handicapped patrons only per township regulations.
*Parents must accompany their child to and from class. Once a students is let out of class they are the responsibility of the parent so please make sure you arrive a few minutes early so you are ready to greet your child as soon as class is finished.
*Students are asked to wait in the lobby area with their parent until their instructor accompanies them into their appropriate classroom. There is absolutely no running around in the studio rooms or lobby area at any time.
*Please make sure to clean up after yourself and any smaller children that you have waiting during class.
*We do have a closed door policy to all classes while they are in session. This is so your child and their instructor have each other's undivided attention. We will have designated parent observation nights during our season. You may view your child's class from our surveillance cameras located in the lobby.
*If you have any concerns or questions about your child's class during the year please bring it to the Director's attention via email or phone. Our classes run back to back so we need to do our best to start and end each class on time.
***We reserve the right to recommend and move students to other classes based on their individual performance.